15 Signs It’s #LSHolidayWeek

15 Signs It’s #LSHolidayWeek

By: Riley Steinmetz

One of LaunchSquad’s greatest traditions is the annual weeklong holiday celebration: Holiday Week, a time when everyone from the New York, Boston and Detroit offices fly out to San Francisco for a week of team-building, collaboration and lots of fun events. In between karaoke outings and filming for the (always epic) Holiday Video, members of the Squad are able to bond while putting their heads together to generate some amazing ideas and plan for the upcoming year. In other words, it’s awesome.

Here are a few signs you can tell it’s #LSHolidayWeek at the office:

1. The first person you run into in the office in the morning is dressed like a firefighter. NBD.


2. Your nights are filled with karaoke. Lots of karaoke. 


3. “Sorry—my video shoot ran long” is a completely acceptable reason for being late to a meeting.


4. Making a midday Target run for costumes is an everyday occurrence.


5. You discover dancing skills you never knew your coworkers had.


6. When your non-LaunchSquad friends suggest getting together you just laugh. You’ve got plans.


7. Team-building events almost always (d)evolve into conga lines.


8. You get more Instagram likes in a day than you normally do in a month.


9. You’re genuinely concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to find a place to sit in the office.


10. You get hashtag-wrapping-paper-covered presents!


11. You worry about whether or not your pants will still fit after all the free food and drinks you’ve consumed.


12. After hearing from so many great guest speakers and insightful coworkers from all around the country, you’re filled with new ideas and inspiration that you can’t wait to bring to  your clients.


13. You test the limits of just how many people can fit into one photo booth.


14. You discover a new level of appreciation for the four guys who started LaunchSquad and their commitment to a great company culture.


15. Even though you’ve got a killer migraine on Saturday morning, you can’t wait for next year to roll around so you can do it all over again!

For more #LSHolidayWeek shenanigans, check out our Facebook album.


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