4 Social Media Life Hacks from Producing A Global Tech Conference

4 Social Media Life Hacks from Producing A Global Tech Conference

By Brian Principato

Samsung Developer Conference 2016 wrapped a few weeks ago after dropping a fresh brand personality, cool technology news, and increased technical resources on the global developer community. Tasked with managing all things social media for the conference, LaunchSquad was granted the opportunity to creatively promote a well-known brand’s lesser-known work.

After a few weeks of reflection and restful nights of sleep, here are the social media tips I learned that can be applied to any conference prep.

1. Plan ahead in a major way. Prior to SDC 2016, LaunchSquad ran targeted and world-wide announcements, partnerships, registration, and social content campaigns across Samsung Developer Connection’s social and digital channels. When preparing for your conference, make sure to pre-bake enough content to carry your conference or event from start to finish. There will be a lot of moving parts and there’s no way to predict how much content will need updates or revisions during the event, so it’s important to be as prepared as possible. An A/V issue or poor wifi connection should not be a roadblock to informing attendees about sessions or key details.

2. Over-communicate with your team. You will no doubt spend a lot of time with your team, but that is not a reason to assume that everyone is always on the same page. Make sure to check-in. A lot. Develop a system for real-time collaboration, validation and fact-checking to keep pace with live-posting a jam-packed schedule. A tool that helped LaunchSquad communicate effectively was a private Slack channel that allowed us to share photos, videos and edit copy live during the event.

3. Be ready to assume any role while crushing your own. It is important to be as flexible as you possibly can be while continuing to execute the work you and your team own. During Samsung Developer Conference 2016, LaunchSquad assumed the roles of help desk manager, tour guide, coffee runner, developer outreach specialist, to name a few. Meanwhile, we rotated physical and digital roles to ensure all keynotes and important sessions were covered, documented and shared on social media.

4. Keep tabs during the show. LaunchSquad managed Samsung’s developer-focused blog and social feeds, monitored the event hashtag (#iheartSDC) and kept watch over a live social wall prominently displayed on Samsung TVs throughout downtown San Francisco’s Moscone Center. As the conference proceeded, we scheduled posts about conference sessions, edited and adjusted scheduled copy in real-time to respond to any changes, and directed traffic to notable client sessions. We also made it a point to pepper in awesome quotes, photos, videos, and crowd-sourced content reflecting informative moments throughout the conference.

Curious to see how things shook out during SDC 2016? Check out Samsung’s developer blog, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram feeds for more.

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