Battle of the Tech Towns: San Francisco

Battle of the Tech Towns: San Francisco

By Bobby Pierce

Editor’s Note: Asking which city is the best tech city between NYC, Boston and SF isn’t unlike asking which city has the best bagels among the three, or which city has the most obnoxious sports fans. It’s not even close. So in an effort of fairness, the San Francisco submission will forgo narrative writing and will instead use GIFs.

1. Intel was founded in the Bay Area in 1968, kicking off an entire technology revolution

2. And then there’s this company (they make the device on which you’re likely reading this).

3. This guy was born in New York, went to school in Boston, and the first chance he got moved to the Bay Area.

4. It’s not just consumer stuff, though. Once a year, Salesforce reminds SF that its headquarters is here, and in a big way. Hell, Marc Benioff is practically our patron saint at this point.

5. Then there’s Uber, the highest-valued private company in the world.

6. Of course, there’s also the company that you use every single day and knows everything about you.

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