Behind the Scenes With Our Video Team

Behind the Scenes With Our Video Team

UC Browser Gives a (Humorous) Helping Hand

Every once in a while, we all need a little help and in this video, UC Browser lends a helping hand. A Chinese company, UC Browser is the most popular mobile browser in India. Exclusively a video client of LaunchSquad, UC Browser wanted a fun, upbeat, and quirky clip that hit on their new features in an entertaining, but educational way. Without using any words, the video team was able to utilize music and action to create the frenetic feeling of a guy who has suddenly realized he forgot his anniversary, while keeping the focus on UC Browser’s unique features coming to the rescue. We launched the campaign on February 13, just one day before Valentine’s Day, and have garnered more than 800,000 views (and many more laughs) in only a few short weeks.
Topsy Explains It All

Topsy specializes in analyzing the global conversations happening on Twitter. They wanted the video team to create a simple, clean overview video that would give users — and potential users — an understanding of exactly what their product did and what differentiated it from its competitors. The video team’s challenge was to create a clear, concise video jam-packed with information that was also engaging to the viewer. Through crisp animation and quick transitions, we were able to make a complex subject feel approachable. Recently, Topsy caught the attention of some very influential people, and in the end the company was acquired by Apple in December of 2013. Now, we can’t guarantee that this video had anything to do with that acquisition, but we can’t stop you from reaching that conclusion on your own!

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