Breaking Into PR: Stories and Advice from the LaunchSquad Team

Breaking Into PR: Stories and Advice from the LaunchSquad Team

Colleges are letting out for summer and graduation season is upon us. That also means current and former students have jobs and internships on the brain. To help, we’re rounding up our favorite early-career blog posts to help you figure out how those skills you learned in college translate to the real world, what that PR lingo really means and more.

On Making the Most of Internships
What It’s Like to Be a LaunchSquad Intern
NYU student and LSNY intern Vince Kiernan breaks down just one of his unconventional days working in our New York office.

After the Internship
SUNY New Paltz grad Maria Pianelli went from LaunchSquad intern to LaunchSquad Account Associate. Here, she shares advice for proving your talent before you’re a full-time staffer.

Talking PR Internships with Eastern Michigan University
Maria Pianelli is at it again, recapping her twitter chat with a group of aspiring PR pros and answering common questions about braking into the industry.

On Transferrable Skills
Why Blogging and PR Have a Whole Lot in Common
Yes, that blog you keep for fun might help your career. Wheaton alum Molly Galler shares how growing her blog, Pop.Bop.Shop., gave her invaluable PR-world know-how.

A Poli Sci Degree Doesn’t Mean You’re Destined for D.C.
Maggie Hollander’s political science degree from American University turned out to be incredibly useful when she started working in PR. Here’s why.

PR Lessons from a College Newspaper Editor
University of Michigan grad Emily Moore went from Editor-in-Chief at her school’s satire newspaper to a gig in PR. Turns out, her editorial skills transferred quite nicely.

Why Teachers Can Make Great PR Pros
Tufts University grad Michael Oppong started his career with Teach For America. Turns out, he was honing his PR talent all along.

PR Job Hunting Tips from a Liberal Arts Grad
Account Manager Molly Galler breaks down how to have a successful job hunt when you didn’t have the option to major in PR.

On Lessons Learned
What Does It All Mean?
Stacy Livingston, LSNY intern and student at Dartmouth College, talks about the PR lingo she learned at the Squad. You can find her two guides to words that might be unfamiliar at first like “workflow,” “deck” and “action item” here and here.

Navigating Pitches Like a Pro
Pitching is a way of life in the PR industry. Here, Trinity College grad Genevieve Gadenne shares the pitching lessons she learned during a visit to Boston’s NPR affiliate station, WBUR.

What’s your best advice for getting started in the PR industry? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a tweet @LaunchSquad.

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