Early Bird Gets the Worm: How MyEnergy Landed in Google’s Nest

Early Bird Gets the Worm: How MyEnergy Landed in Google’s Nest

Google recently made waves when they announced their acquisition of Nest, a smart-home business that specializes in intelligent thermostats and smoke detectors. This was particularly exciting for us over at LaunchSquad because Nest had recently acquired our client MyEnergy.

We began working with MyEnergy about one year ago, in January of 2013. A startup devoted to rewarding people for environmentally responsible behavior, MyEnergy allowed users to track their energy usage and discover customized tips on how to save power and money.

When we first started working with MyEnergy, LaunchSquad’s focus was on creating clean, clear messaging to attract and engage new users for the service. By targeting a variety publications, from personal finance blogs to local media to popular national blogs like Business Insider, MyEnergy’s reputation among renters, homeowners and the press grew rapidly.

Then something amazing happened: in mid-March, LaunchSquad’s outreach to influential bloggers led to Adam Dachis of Lifehacker signing up for MyEnergy and publishing his thoughts in this piece, which was later reposted to Gizmodo. This article led to more than 2,500 new users for MyEnergy, with over 50 percent continuing on to the next step of linking their utility accounts to the service — an impressive conversion rate if we ever saw one. A little over one month after the Lifehacker piece was published, Nest acquired MyEnergy.

Fast-forward to less than a year later, when Google in turn acquired Nest. While this is an exciting move in and of itself, demonstrating the importance of the smart-home trend, it was doubly awesome to see that many reporters and pundits attributed Google’s interest in Nest to the company’s data prowess because this analytical and statistical firepower was bolstered in part by their incorporation of MyEnergy’s technology.

Here at Launchsquad, we are passionate about supporting cutting-edge companies like MyEnergy. They’re a great example of an idea that was ahead of the curve on the now exploding smart-home trend. Companies like MyEnergy drive technology forward, and it’s one of our driving goals to spread their ideas far and wide.

So cheers to MyEnergy, to Nest, and to Google, and here’s to the next great acquisition!

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