How Facebook Live Can Revolutionize Your Brand’s Content Strategy

How Facebook Live Can Revolutionize Your Brand’s Content Strategy

By Christine Smith

Facebook has changed the way video is consumed. With the introduction of Facebook Live (FB Live) in 2016, brands are wondering how the latest video format can benefit their company. From a CEO Q&A to a new product demo release–the live format grants  an opportunity to personalize brands and talk directly to consumers, all while receiving  immediate feedback. And the best part–it won’t break the bank. Producing high-quality video content can be expensive, but going live allows you to cut down on many production costs (like camera equipment and editing). The content is also long-lasting since live video can be added to a library for future on-demand viewing. And perhaps the most important reason to go live is that it gets your content to the top of people’s newsfeeds. Facebook has made it clear they prioritize live videos in their algorithm after finding that people spend 3x more time viewing a live video than a non-live video.

So how do you produce a successful FB Live broadcast for your brand? Here are eight tricks to help get you started:

  1. Choose a topic with a sense of visual urgency. One of the most important parts of producing a FB Live segment is knowing which topic calls for it. The topic needs to visually trigger the “I need to watch this right now” impulse when people scroll past it in their newsfeed. Great examples of this are streaming exclusive live events, live demos, or sneak peeks of new products.
  2. If SNL needs a rehearsal, so do you. When it comes to producing live content, practice makes perfect. Before your first live broadcast, take advantage of Facebook’s privacy settings and post a FB Live video that only you can see. During this rehearsal you can test things like connection, audio levels, and lighting.
  3. Pick a confident host: Focus less on polish and more on confidence when determining who should host your brand’s FB Live video. Once you go live on Facebook there’s no second take, so it’s crucial to find a host or hosts that can be charming even if they make a mistake.
  4. Create a cheat sheet for your host: Even with a rehearsal, it’s smart to sketch out certain parts of the broadcast. Write out the opening and closing lines, along with any major talking points, to provide the host with a sense structure that can help combat nerves.
  5. Nominate a schmooze operator: Almost as important as the on-camera talent is having someone off-camera who can stay on top of viewer comments and questions. They should respond to viewers in real time in the feed, in addition to sharing select  questions with the host to answer on-camera. Even if you can’t answer every question during the broadcast, make sure to spend time afterwards responding to as many people as possible.
  6. “You get a car!”: Create your own Oprah moment to reward loyal viewers. Consider a  giveaway to build and maintain a strong audience. Ask viewers to tap on the ‘follow’ button and share the live video with friends to be eligible for a brand giveaway or discount.
  7. Get the word out. Make sure to promote on Facebook and cross-promote on Twitter and Instagram, at least one day before the live broadcast. Build anticipation for your viewers by teasing the upcoming content along with the date and time.
  8. Timing is everything. When it comes to determining the best time of day to post a FB Live video, rely on Facebook’s own data. By using Facebook insights you can see when your followers are online and film appropriately. Aim to make your video at least 10 minutes long to offer adequate time for viewers to start sharing the video.

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