Follow Friday: 7 Instagram Accounts We Love

Follow Friday: 7 Instagram Accounts We Love

By Tess Woods

Well, you’ve seen our favorite HQ office spots and our top TV shows. It’s only right that Instagram accounts come next.

Employees at LaunchSquad love a variety of Instagram accounts, striving to keep their feeds a good balance of industry-related, motivating and fun posts. We even wrote a blog post about best practices for the platform. Here are seven Instagram accounts we’re suggesting for this #FollowFriday.

1. Mother Juice

 If this Kendall Square juice and lunch spot isn’t our office favorite, it’s pretty high up on the list. The MoJu team shares a variety of motivational and foodie posts that either get us through the week or get us up and across the street to their location. We love them— they’ve even regrammed one of LaunchSquad Boston’s posts before.  

2. Hootsuite

When things get too busy here, hiding under the table definitely helps! Tip brought to you by #whereswaylon A photo posted by Hootsuite | #WinWithSocial (@hootsuite) on

Hootsuite’s company mission is about optimizing a brand’s digital and social presence. At LaunchSquad, we often do the same for the companies we work with. Whether we use Hootsuite’s tools for our clients or not, we love keeping up with the latest social media news from an insider.

One thing we value as much as social media management tools? Office pets. Good things Hootsuite’s account has them both, along with a collection of visually appealing, user-generated content. It’s great seeing how social media experts use social media for business.

3. The Dogist

 In case you haven’t already guessed, we love our pets—especially dogs. This “Humans of New York”-style account features beautiful pictures of various dog breeds daily.  The clean, crisp and consistent posts make a great model for any PR pro who’s managing a social media account to follow. Plus, we dare you to name something that would cheer you up more during your mid-day instagram break.    

4. The Instagram Expert    

We love Instagram for both pleasure and business, so we’re big fans of Sue Zimmerman, “The Instagram expert,” who shares tips, tools and tricks about using Instagram at work. From motivational quotes to city skylines to (you guessed it) dogs, her page is worth a follow.

5. Society of Grownups

Now this is some serious note taking! Check out Grownup @oh_sabeedee’s sketches from our “Saving for Retirement” class.

A photo posted by Society of Grownups (@societyofgrownups) on

No, we’re not being biased because they’re a client; we love SoG’s insta. Society of Grownups is an organization that helps you channel your inner adult, and as working professionals, sometimes we need that extra boost. These guys post about current events, Boston activities, fun company culture ideas and more—all in a stylish, mint-green fashion. Warning: followers may be subject to ice cream and sushi overload.  

6. PRSA  

Accept the challenge. #PRethics #MotivationMonday A photo posted by PR Society of America (@prsanational) on

The Public Relations Society of America is an organization that’s hugely valuable to many LaunchSquad employees, from skimming the newsletter to attending seminars. This Instagram account is fun to follow for the latest events, but also for the constant stream of motivational quotes. PRSA gives each month a PR-related theme and shares famous quotes that fit under that umbrella.

7. The New Yorker

A cartoon by Drew Dernavich. See more cartoons on #TNYcartoons

A photo posted by The New Yorker (@newyorkermag) on

As avid readers and news-lovers, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include at least one publication on this list. This account gets us fired up to pitch reporters in the most outlandish, creative ways possible. Follow The New Yorker and have fun deciphering their cartoons like we do. You won’t regret it.

Every week, we have a different employee get creative with our company-wide Instagram account. Follow along here.

Image c/o @theInstagramExpert.

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