Four Ways to Stay Motivated and End the Year on a High Note

Four Ways to Stay Motivated and End the Year on a High Note

By Addy Bhasin

This autumn has been trying. Between the election, the Q4 rush and the race to tie up loose ends before the holidays, it’s felt like there hasn’t been any time to come up for air. Though this season is often tumultuous, the sun has risen. We’re still here. The world still spins madly on. Here at LaunchSquad we take that to heart. Here are some lessons I’ve learned that have helped me rise above it all:

  1. This is our time to make a difference. Things are busy, things are stressful, things are tiring. But things are also inspiring, resilient, and strong. It’s easy to get buried, attributing any misstep to how busy you are. This is really an opportunity. An opportunity to dig yourself out of whatever rut you’re in, do the work, and make a difference.
  2. Don’t get comfortable. This is one of the mottos of LaunchSquad client American Giant. It’s a tough, true statement that is not always the easiest to hear. But once we realize that not being comfortable means showing up, getting your hands dirty, dreaming up new ideas and getting the work done, it’s a whole lot easier to swallow. Let’s always be on our toes, putting in the work and grinding onwards.
  3. Keep it all in perspective. This industry is massively important no matter what you tell yourself when times get tough. Entire companies are counting on you to get your work done in a thoughtful, efficient manner. That being said, put things in perspective and take care of yourself. Close your laptop. Close your eyes. And breathe. Take care of yourself. You know how you’re supposed to put your oxygen mask on before helping anyone else? This is the equivalent.
  4. Understand the little world around you. We’re all in the same boat. Look up from that computer screen. Give your desk buddy a hug (or maybe a beer). Everyone is going through their own moment, but we can rely on each other to smooth the rough patches and make transitions as seamless as possible. Listen, be engaged, and be present. In understanding the little world around you and the people in it, you can strive to be a more perceptive and compassionate team member.


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