Instagrammer of the Week: Emily Moore

Instagrammer of the Week: Emily Moore

Emily Moore is a Digital Content Associate at LaunchSquad’s San Francisco office who just celebrated her nine-month workiversary after joining this past April. Hailing from Okemos, Michigan—the center of your palm if you’re using the hand map—Emily graduated from the University of Michigan, where she studied English and Spanish. In her senior year, a chance encounter with a recruiter who reached out to the satire newspaper where she was Editor-in-Chief set her on the path to becoming a proud member of LaunchSquad. Emily’s favorite parts of her job are tackling new challenges every day, discovering what a brand is all about and putting it into words and, of course, her talented and inspiring coworkers. Outside of the office, Emily can be found doing improv, swimming and trying her hardest not to go bankrupt from exploring all the amazing restaurants the Bay Area has to offer.

11 Questions with LaunchSquad

1. Last book you read? Room by Emma Donoghue. I’m looking forward to seeing how the movie stacks up.
2. Early bird or night owl? Night Owl. You’ll be hard pressed to find me in bed with my computer closed before midnight.
3. Best thing that happened to you this month? Answering an incredibly obscure question at trivia (thank goodness I remembered the name of the Agent Cody Banks sequel).
4. What’s your favorite dessert? Strawberry shortcake. It is seriously underrated.
5. Favorite place you’ve ever been? Greece was probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, but my heart belongs to Hone Creek, Costa Rica where I volunteered for 6 weeks.
6. Favorite website? I have a love/hate relationship with Reddit.
7. Favorite thing about PR and Creative Communications? You get to tell stories for a living!
8. Coffee or tea? Tea. Those who know me well can attest that I become a jittery mess when I drink coffee.
9. Favorite exercise? Swimming — I started in high school and most recently completed a triathlon (with another scheduled for March).
10. Dogs or cats? Dogs, all the way. My family has one back home but I’m dying to get one where I live now.
11. Favorite thing about LaunchSquad? You’re never bored at LaunchSquad—you do something different every day. It can definitely be challenging at times, but your coworkers enthusiastically step in and mentor you whenever you need it.

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