Instagrammer of the Week: Jason Mandell

Instagrammer of the Week: Jason Mandell

Jason Mandell co-founded LaunchSquad in late 1999 and is based in San Francisco. New England born and bred, Jason ventured west in 1997 just because he felt like it. As luck would have it, he developed a love of helping startups and fast-growing companies share their stories with the world, working closely with talented entrepreneurs and innovators. He’s played hockey for 36 years (still no broken bones or lost teeth), is in the process of traveling the world and has an opinion on just about everything. He thinks everyone else should, too.

7 Questions with LaunchSquad

  1. Early bird or night owl? Mornings are for sleeping.
  2. Best thing that happened to you this month? I’m kind of a car geek. When I was little, I wanted to be a race car driver. I’ve been fascinated by what Tesla has been doing since they launched the Roadster in 2006. They recently opened up a leasing option for the Model S, so I finally decided to go for it. The car is truly incredible — even better than my lofty expectations. It’s one of the most innovative and possibly most important products ever invented. A hyperbolic statement, but it’s certainly well on its way to changing the world. Tesla has proven that an electric car can be a viable (and actually better) alternative to the combustion engine. Time will tell how far they take it. In the meantime, I’m excited about never having to buy gas again!
  3. What’s your favorite dessert? There is no better combination of two foods than chocolate and peanut butter. So, pretty much anything that has that.
  4. Favorite place you’ve ever been? I really love to travel and have been fortunate to see some amazing places. I got the bug when I ventured through Western Europe for a month in 2002. There’s so much to learn and experience; each trip enriches me in some meaningful way. I like mixing it up: nature, cities, museums, food, adventure. I most enjoy just walking around a new city for the first time and taking in its uniqueness. Some of my favorite destinations so far have been Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Barcelona and St. Petersburg, Russia.
  5. Coffee or tea? I’m basically caffeine free. There’s lots of great decaf teas and I’m always searching for new ones. I rely on natural energy and try to make sure I get a good night’s sleep!
  6. Favorite exercise? I play on a couple of hockey teams, both ice and street. It’s fun, competitive and good exercise — a perfect combination.
  7. Favorite thing about LaunchSquad? Every day is fresh and different. New clients, new people, new ways of doing things. Our world has been changing so fast — not just within startups and innovation, but what we do every day to spread our clients’ stories. Our job today is drastically different than when we started the company and even just a few years ago. I like to say that it’s as if we’re living in Florence during the Renaissance. I feel so grateful to be living in this time and place!


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