Instagrammer of the Week: Mady St. Onge

Instagrammer of the Week: Mady St. Onge

Madelaine “Mady” St. Onge is an Account Executive at LaunchSquad’s New York office, which she joined this past May. Originally from Yonkers, New York, Mady went to Fairfield University, where she played Division 1 Soccer. Upon graduating she worked on political campaigns then in corporate communications and government relations for a tech startup. Having previously worked for a former LaunchSquad client, she is very excited to be working with the team again and is constantly impressed by her co workers. In her free time, you can find her running along the East River & West Side Highway, playing rec soccer, or spending time w/ family and friends, especially her 1 year old niece, Scarlett. A New Yorker all her life, naturally Mady loves pizza and the New York Yankees, but will go to great lengths to avoid Times Square. She’ll sign all her posts ‘MSO’.

 10 Questions with LaunchSquad

  1. Last book you read? I just started and am almost through Ring of Fire: An Indonesia Odyssey — it was recommended by a former coworker and I’d do the same! It’s the true story behind the making of a PBS documentary by the same name, and it charts the 10-year journey of two brothers, Lawrence and Lorne Blair, through the world’s largest archipelago.
  2. Early bird or night owl? I consider myself more of a hybrid. It really depends on the day.
  3. Favorite season/holiday? Fall is my favorite season, but Christmas is by far my favorite holiday.
  4. What’s your favorite dessert? I am not really a huge dessert person, but if I had to choose, probably ice cream or frozen yogurt.
  5. Favorite breakfast food? There is a Parks and Recreation quote that states, “There has never been a sadness that cannot be cured by breakfast food” and I stand by that philosophy. I make a mean breakfast sandwich — my latest go-to is two fried eggs, avocado and melted pepper jack cheese on toast.
  6. Favorite place you’ve ever been? The coolest place I ever visited was a small town in Germany, Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It still looks the same as it did during medieval times and the wall that surrounds the town still stands (although it was largely rebuilt after WWII). It’s also home to a year round Christmas store!
  7. Coffee or tea? I usually drink coffee in the morning, but I’ll have a cup of tea every now and then.
  8. Favorite rainy day activity? Cleaning my apartment, reading or watching Netflix.
  9. Favorite exercise? I run about 5-6 times a week, often in the morning, but if I decided to be an “owl” the night before, I’ll stop at the gym after work. I’d rather run outside, but I actually do enjoy running on a treadmill! I also play on a co-ed soccer team.
  10. Favorite thing about LaunchSquad? Definitely my coworkers. It is a real pleasure to work with so many talented, smart and creative people.


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