Instagrammer of the Week (IOW): Christine Freschi

Instagrammer of the Week (IOW): Christine Freschi

Christine Freschi is an Account Associate in LaunchSquad’s Boston office. Originally from San Jose, CA, Christine entered Boston College an aspiring theatre major and performer and left a communication major and aspiring PR person. After growing up in Silicon Valley, she admires the tech world and is passionate about the clients and stories that surround her at LaunchSquad. She spends her free time trying different restaurants around Boston and working out in pilates and weight-lifting classes. She loves to travel, both exploring locally in Boston beyond the “BC Bubble,” as well as visiting countries like Spain, Morocco, Guatemala, Amsterdam, France, Italy, and Switzerland. Soon she hopes to bring music and theatre back into her life by performing part-time.

1. What’s your favorite part about working at LS?

We went kayaking on my second day of work here, need I say more? As I write this, the office is loudly debating which employee belongs in which house in Hogwarts (The jury’s still out on me.) But in all seriousness, everyone I am surrounded by here is incredibly talented and hard-working; I have learned so much from them, and I’ve only been here a month.

2. What’s your favorite thing or place in Boston?

Well, Boston College has a pretty big place in my heart, but technically speaking it’s not in Boston. Right now, I have a minor obsession with the Harpoon Brewery. There’s great beer, delicious pretzels, and an amazing tour and tasting room. I also love visiting the many small beach towns outside of the city. So far I’ve hit Gloucester, Rockport, and Block Island.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Bay Area, California. Maybe it’s unoriginal to pick my hometown, but nothing beats it! I love the farmers’ markets out there, the proximity to tons of beaches, hikes in Santa Cruz, days in San Francisco, and quick trips to LA. Oh, and my family and golden doodle Jackson are pretty great, too.

4. What’s your favorite food?

Tie between ice cream and brunch. Addendum to the second question: White Mountain Creamery is one of Boston’s hidden gems. I could live on their Cookie Monster ice cream (cookie dough and cookies ‘n cream mixed together). In college I once had a bowl of Cookie Monster for dinner and then another bowl for dessert.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Showtunes. When you see me with my headphones on in the office, chances are I’m listening to Broadway cast recordings. I have camped outside of Broadway theatres at 4AM to get tickets to big shows. My favorites are Next to Normal, Wicked, Into the Woods, and West Side Story. Next on my list of Broadway shows to see: Les Miserables.

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