Jet Lands BusinessWeek Cover

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Jet Lands BusinessWeek Cover

By: Annie Betz

Have you seen the latest edition of Bloomberg Businessweek? If not, here it is: 1420734777

That’s Marc Lore, CEO and founder of Jet—a new e-commerce marketplace unlike any other online shopping platform. It promises to deliver its members millions of products for prices lower than anywhere else.

Securing a cover story is no small feat, but we knew from the get-go that Jet should launch with nothing less.

How did we do it? Diligence, flexibility and most importantly an amazing client with an amazing story. After months of planning and strategizing, in-person interviews, fact-checking and a photoshoot, Jet has launched with a legendary cover story in Businessweek.

Kudos to our phenomenal Jet PR team and more importantly, “Thank you!” to Jet for working with us to share their amazing story with the world.

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