LaunchSquad's Songs of Summer 2015

LaunchSquad's Songs of Summer 2015

The results are in, and 85 percent of LaunchSquad employees agree that listening to music at work makes them more productive. It looks like science backs up this preference, too. A study in “Scientific Reports” titled Network Science and the Effects of Music Preference on Functional Brain Connectivity: From Beethoven to Eminem tested this theory on 21 individuals. Using an MRI scanner, they asked everyone to rate five songs (one of which they said was their favorite beforehand), and looked at how their brains reacted to the tracks. The result? Participants were more focused during the songs they liked.

All this to say: the music-loving employees of LaunchSquad put our head[phones] together to curate what we think should be this year’s songs of the summer. Give the playlist a listen below and let us know if your brain feels more focused.

LaunchSquad’s Songs of Summer 2015 | Listen for free at

Think there’s a song that should’ve made the cut, but didn’t? Tell us in the comments or send us a tweet @LaunchSquad. Here’s to productivity all summer long!

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