Little LaunchSquadders

Little LaunchSquadders

At LaunchSquad, we’re always excited when a new class of future PR pros joins our team. But for this post, we’re highlighting a few members of the LS family who have more than a decade before they enter the work world. We had a few Squad parents sit down with their kids to get their thoughts on what mom or dad does at work all day and what they want to be when they grow up. Here’s what they said.

Lillee – Little LaunchSquadder of VP Hela Sheth
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Hela: Lillee, do you know what mommy does at work?
Lillee: You send the emoles. And you talk on your phone.

Hela: Lillee, what do you want to do when you grow up and go to work?
Lillee: I want to play with this and this and this and this (pointing around the room and to her toys).

Connor and Rio – Little LaunchSquadders of SVP and New York Office Founder Gavin Skillman
Connor Martial Arts

Connor: Daddy works in the big city. If I started my own company, I would start a baseball team because then I would get to play all day.
Rio Minion

Rio: I want to be a veterinarian because then I would get to take care of all the animals, especially the little doggies.

Aren, Khoren and Harper – Little LaunchSquadders of Account Manager Seth Andrews


“According to Aren and Khoren, I ‘report the news’ – they’re not completely wrong. Having worked in a newsroom for so long that’s where they imagine I go when I leave for work in the morning.” 

“My daughter Harper doesn’t understand the concept of work yet, but when we’ve asked her, ‘why do Mommy and Daddy work?’ her response is, “‘o buy me food and clothes’.”

What did you think your parents did at work while you were a kid? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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