Meet LaunchSquad’s Newest Partner: Mike Farber

Meet LaunchSquad’s Newest Partner: Mike Farber

We’re thrilled to announce that Mike Farber, founder and GM of the Boston office, is the newest partner at LaunchSquad. He joins current partners Jason Mandell, Jesse Odell, Jason Throckmorton and me as the Squad’s fifth partner. Mike leads our growing Boston office, and has played a significant role in helping fuel the agency’s overall growth.

On a personal note, Mike was one of my first mentors in the PR business, and I’ve known him personally and professionally for more than 17 years. I started working with him in 1996 back at Schwartz Communications, where I got my start in the industry. It’s been a privilege to see our relationship evolve and grow over the years.

Opened in 2010, Boston is LaunchSquad’s third location and today is home to 17 staffers. But when it began, it was only one: Mike.  Prior to joining our team, Mike helped grow Schwartz Communications’ San Francisco office while serving as senior vice president. Before that, Farber was the director of corporate communications at digital communications software company Revenio.

Congrats to Mike on joining the partner team.

 PR Week offered a more formal write-up of the news here.

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