The Top 5 Most Inspiring Moments from My First Holiday Week

The Top 5 Most Inspiring Moments from My First Holiday Week

By Terrence Neal

At LaunchSquad, one of our greatest traditions is Holiday Week, a time when everyone from the New York, Boston and Detroit offices fly out to San Francisco for a week of team-building, reflection on our accomplishments and key values and fun events. This year was my first Holiday week, so I went in not knowing what to expect, but ended up leaving with a wealth of inspiration and passion for the work we do here at LaunchSquad.

Here are a few of the most inspiring moments from #LSHolidayWeek 2015.

1. Getting to know our amazing founders
From competing with Jesse and Brett on the basketball court to chatting with Throck and Mandell in the office, it was great to spend time with the individuals who had the vision and forethought to breathe life into this great company we call LaunchSquad. I was inspired by their collective enthusiasm for LaunchSquad and its future, and their deep interest and regard for each and every member of the Squad.

2. Witnessing everyone’s intellectual curiosity and commitment to innovation
At LaunchSquad, we live by the philosophy of “create and spread,” and it was very inspiring to see how deeply invested everyone from the partners to the account associates are in learning and trying new things and thinking up bold, creative ideas.

3. Hearing Adam Cheyer speak
Hearing Adam Cheyer—who has accomplished so much including co-founding Siri and being a founding member of—speak about optimism and goal setting really helped reinforce the important fact that with belief and determination anything can be accomplished.

4. Making new friends at LaunchSquad through team building activities
On the third day of Holiday Week, we participated in a team-building exercise that opened my eyes to the “LaunchSquad difference”. Despite having never met some of the individuals on my randomly chosen team, I connected with them right away and felt like I was having an enjoyable time with family rather than coworkers I had never met before.

5. Being under one roof with the entire LaunchSquad family.
Although we have Slack, email and phones, there’s nothing like being able to sit face-to-face and chat with one another—and have in-person meetings with coworkers who are based in different offices. I found it refreshing and enjoyable to be surrounded by so many intelligent and talented individuals and to learn about the amazing work work that other offices are producing for clients.

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