Three Questions with Insights and Analytics Account Executive John Harrington

Three Questions with Insights and Analytics Account Executive John Harrington

Name: John Harrington
Job Title: Account Executive – Insights and Analytics
Office: New York
Years at LaunchSquad: 2

What’s your favorite part about working at LaunchSquad?
How willing they are to help you forge your own path. This happened with me for my role on the Impact team, and I’ve seen it with many others, too. When you show an interest or passion in a certain subject, LaunchSquad does a really good job of giving you more opportunities to explore that. LaunchSquad is willing to let people experiment with different interests and parts of their job, and gives them the leeway and responsibility to make those experiments effective. That’s  definitely my favorite part about working here.

Do you remember your first day at LS? What was it like?
Oh god, my first day was a mess, I’m glad they kept me around.

To start, the subway was all screwed up on my commute in, and I ended up stuck underground in an unmoving car for 15 minutes before being rerouted to a station 10 minutes farther from the office than the one I intended….and it was raining out. I was freaking out that I was going to be late, which is really not a good look on your first day. I made it with under a minute to spare, but by the time I got to the office I was drenched in sweat (anxious power walking plus humidity are not a good combo) and my pants and shoes were literally dripping water from walking so far in the rain. And that was just the morning.

That afternoon, I got pulled into a team’s planning meeting for a big event they had coming up. I was given a list full of event spaces and a phone and had to get pricing and menu info for each of them. In retrospect this is a super easy task, but in the moment I was petrified 1.) because I don’t really talk to anyone on the phone (#MillenialLife) let alone expensive restaurants and 2.) LS is an open office so now I’d have to talk on the phone in front of all my brand new coworkers at my first ever real adult job. And oh god what if I mess up and they hear me and what if I talk too loud and they think I’m annoying and what if my voice cracks and they laugh I mean I don’t know why it would but what if you know…then just repeat that cycle of nervous paranoia ad nauseum.

But, it all ended up working out and I survived that first day. And I’m still here now almost two years later, so clearly it wasn’t as bad as I thought (although I still don’t like calling people on the phone).

What’s one skill you have now that you didn’t have when you started at LaunchSquad?
Spreadsheets. Which sound boring, but I swear are actually really cool and useful. Before I started in my role on the Impact team, I had never worked in Excel, Google Sheets or Google Script before. I had experience with Javascript, but that was it.

Over these past 9 months or so, I’ve worked in a spreadsheet for at least part of every single day and let me tell you, these things are actually awesome. Here’s just a sampling of things at LaunchSquad currently being run off of Google Sheets and Google Script: an internal Wiki accessible through a custom built Slack slash command, an automated weekly data recap report delivered to Slack from a team’s spreadsheet tracker, a fully functional database with its own API endpoints you can query, and even a custom slackbot that lets people know who’s out of the office on vacation on certain days. And I had no idea how to do any of these things before starting at LaunchSquad, so it’s been really exciting to learn and develop this skill set.

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