Three Questions with Senior Account Executive Annie Betz

Three Questions with Senior Account Executive Annie Betz

Name: Annie Betz
Job Title: Senior Account Executive
Office: New York
Started at LaunchSquad: June 2013

What’s one thing about your job that people outside of LaunchSquad might not expect?
How much fun I get to have! Every day I’m challenged to work on new projects, learn and tell new stories, and work with people who have become great friends. A lot of people think of their jobs as simply a job, but it never feels that way for me.

What’s the best part about working in tech in New York City?
I’ve lived in the greater New York City area for my whole life. What’s wonderful about being so close to the tech scene is that I am exposed to a community that I had never really encountered before. Coming out of college I (surprise!) knew very little about Silicon Alley or Silicon Valley outside of the apps I used on my iPhone. But now, I have a more informed perspective about how technology can truly shape our everyday lives, and the cities, states and towns that we live in.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to break into the PR industry, what would it be?
Read everything. The only way to know what kind of story is going to resonate is to have a sense of what’s being talked about and, more importantly, what isn’t being talked about.

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