#WomeninTechStories: Christine Freschi, Account Executive

#WomeninTechStories: Christine Freschi, Account Executive

This is part of a new series focusing on Women in Tech in Boston and their stories in honor of our Women in Tech Story Slam during Boston’s HubWeek. Sign up to join us on October 8th (it’s free!).

Growing up in Silicon Valley in the 90s, I guess I was always destined to be a #womanintech.

My childhood home is five blocks from the eBay headquarters. Every day on the drive to school, on neighborhood walks, and trips to the grocery store, my parents and I would pass its office and the giant multi-colored logo out front, prompting me to bombard them with questions about the company and what it meant to be a “tech startup.”

Around the same time, Apple’s headquarters popped up a few blocks from my high school; Netflix moved in across the street from my doctor’s office; and Facebook and Google “campuses” sprouted up along my route to relatives’ homes.

As I passed these tech-giants everywhere and overheard constant conversation on the state of the industry, I developed a fascination and appreciation for all things tech.

Fast forward to today. I live in Boston and once again find myself witnessing a tech scene blossom. This time, however, I get to play an active part in it.

At LaunchSquad, I work with startups that I adore. I feel a personal stake in their growth and success, and I work everyday to get their name out there. Funding news, IPO announcements, product updates — I love telling these stories to press, on social, to friends…to anyone who will listen!

With my family and many friends out in the Bay Area and me still in Boston, I now keep my eyes on both cities’ and their major players, especially influential #womenintech. Here’s a quick download on the techie ladies I’m admiring from both near and far:

  • Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes — How can you not be fascinated by her unyielding dedication to making medical tests attainable and affordable?
  • Peek’s CEO Ruzwana Bashir — Cool story and great app.
  • Venture Capitalist, C.A. Webb — The LaunchSquad Boston office recently met with C.A., and her commitment to the Boston tech scene was incredibly inspiring.
  • And lastly, a major shout out to my personal role-models out in the Bay Area: SalesForce’s SVP of Marketing, Sara Varni Bright and LinkedIn’s Chief of Staff for Engineering & Operations, Jill Cook.

A little more about the Women in Tech Story Slam Event

Kendall Square, the most innovative square mile on the planet, is made even more extraordinary by of some of the smartest women on the planet! Join HUBWeek and LaunchSquad for an evening of storytelling from the top female executives in Boston, focused on the connections that make our city great. Each speaker will tell a personal story about a life- or career-altering collaboration that could have happened only in Boston, with time for an audience Q&A. Bring your big ideas and pressing questions and let’s tip the balance toward more women in STEM careers! Sign up now!

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