#WomeninTechStories: LaunchSquad Boston’s Women in Tech Powerhouses

#WomeninTechStories: LaunchSquad Boston’s Women in Tech Powerhouses

This is part of a new series focusing on Women in Tech in Boston and their stories in honor of our Women in Tech Story Slam during Boston’s HubWeek. Sign up to join us on October 8th (it’s free!).


“Growing up, I always wanted to know needed to know how things worked. ”  Read more about Alyssa’s story here.


“I’ve learned to distill complex technical topics into language that everyone can understand and use my core strengths (writing and creative thinking) to spread stories about the brilliant technical minds I work with everyday.”  Read more about Lucia’s story here.


“Growing up in Silicon Valley in the 90s, I guess I was always destined to be a #womanintech.” Learn more about Christine’s story here.


“I’ve always trended toward geekier tech topics because they feel like a great crossword puzzle that only a few people can solve. If you’re articulate and smart about difficult topics, you can be great at your field.” Read more about Erica’s story here.

Molly Galler headshot

“I have the privilege of promoting these game changing technologies and introducing them to the world for the first time. There is nothing more exciting than watching your client’s new product or service sky rocket.” Read more about Molly’s story here.


A little more about the Women in Tech Story Slam Event

Kendall Square, the most innovative square mile on the planet, is made even more extraordinary by of some of the smartest women on the planet! Join HUBWeek and LaunchSquad for an evening of storytelling from the top female executives in Boston, focused on the connections that make our city great. Each speaker will tell a personal story about a life- or career-altering collaboration that could have happened only in Boston, with time for an audience Q&A. Bring your big ideas and pressing questions and let’s tip the balance toward more women in STEM careers! Sign up now!

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