How SimpliSafe Survived and Thrived at CES 2018

How SimpliSafe Survived and Thrived at CES 2018

By Cassie Kling

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) experienced disasters: heavy rainfall and flooding in Vegas surprised all the sun-seekers on day one. The power went out on day two – leaving some exhibitors and attendees literally in the dark. A political figure’s appearance caused major traffic between the show’s venues. And that’s just some of the “highlights” that had CES buzzing last month.

Still, a few disasters couldn’t stop the world’s largest technology show. They definitely didn’t interfere with the launch of the all new SimpliSafe home security system. (Phew.)

LaunchSquad and SimpliSafe worked together to launch the Boston-based home security company’s third generation system, which had been in the works for four years. A longtime leader in the DIY home security space, SimpliSafe had been steadily growing its business since 2006 and already protected more than 2 million Americans. The company had receipts for industry expertise and trustworthiness amongst consumers. However,  SimpliSafe was a bit of an underdog with an untold story working in a crowded, better-known field outside of New England –- and we at the Squad saw that as a big opportunity.

SimpliSafe created an immersive outdoor experience for its footprint at CES, aptly called the SimpliHouse. The space was anchored by a beautifully decorated tiny house, and outfitted with the all new SimpliSafe home security system. CES attendees were able to see, hear and feel the system in action. An operating system allowed visitors to authentically experience the technology. From the water sensors placed next to the washing machine, to the handwritten recipes on the bulletin board, every detail was thoughtfully curated to feel like a real home.

The all new SimpliSafe was successfully kept under wraps on day one of CES and the curtain lifted on day two in time for the lifted press embargo. The sun was shining, the outdoor display tables were alive to engage with each sensor and element of the system. The tiny house doors were open to all to immersively experiencethe SimpliHouse.

The SimpliSafe team watched media posts go live from the early morning announcement time, starting the day strong with stories from TechCrunch, CNET, Digital Trends and PC Magazine to name a few. More attendees and media came to the SimpliHouse throughout the day, and by the evening, tired attendees relaxed around the fire pit and under the outdoor twinkle lights. For a few brief hours, SimpliHouse became home for the tech industry, media and hobbyist crowds.

Through the remaining days of CES, media outlets like Consumer Reports, The Boston Globe and Design Milk covered the launch of the the new SimpliSafe system from a variety of angles. Articles ranged from broad roundups of favorite tech seen at CES, the latest and greatest DIY home security products, and even a feature in The Boston Globe that tells the story of how SimpliSafe is responding to big-name competition. All said and done, the launch of the all new SimpliSafe resulted in more than 20 pieces of original coverage, creating a runway of momentum for increasing brand awareness and future media coverage to come.

Launching a product at CES can be intimidating. The stakes are even higher when the rain is coming down and the lights are literally out (less than ideal). Ultimately, though, if you commit to your goals, zip up your raincoat and dig deep, the results can be transformational for your client (and memorable for you).

Image C/O Dirk Ahlgrim, IDEO Design Director

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